Kangso Lee

1943 Born in Korea
1965 Graduated from Painting Dept. Seoul National University
1982~93 Professor of Gyeongsang National University, Korea
1985~86 A Visiting Artist, State University of New York at Albany, USA
1991 Triangle Artist Workshop, New York, USA
1991~92 Studio Artist Program, Project Studio One (P.S.1), The Institute for Contemporary Art, New York, USA
2015 ILWOO SPACE (Seoul, Korea)
2011 Opening Special Exhibition 1, “Lee Kang-so”, DAEGU ART MUSEUM (Daegu ,Korea)
PKM Trinity Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2010 JOYART Gallery (Beijing, China)
2009 Gallery Hyundai (Seoul, Korea)
PYO Gallery LA (L.A. U.S.A.)
2008 Gallery Yeh (Seoul, Korea)
2006 “Lee Kang-So, Paysage vu par le Coeur” (Photo Exhibition), Musee des Arts Asiatiques (Nice, France)
2005 WHITEBOX (New York, New York)
2003 Artsonje Museum of Art (Gyeongju, Korea)
2002 Le Palais des Congres de Paris (Paris, France)
2000 Tokyo Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
Galerie Robert y. Carat (Paris, France)
1999-2000 Galerie des Ponchettes (Nice, France)
1999 CAIS Gallery (seoul, Korea)
1997 Gallery Arario (Cheonan, Korea)
1996 Gallery Park Ryu Sook (Seoul, Korea)
1995 Gallery Chohyun (Busan, Korea)
1993 Bergen Museum of Art & Science (Paramus, N.J. U.S.A.)
Haenah-Kent Gallery (New York, New York)
1992 Salama-Caro Gallery (London, England)
Haenah-Kent Gallery (New York, New York)
1990 Tokyo Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
Gallery Seomi (Seoul, Korea)
Haenah-Kent Gallery (New York, New York)
1985 Gallery Duson (Seoul, Korea)
1979 Gallery Muramatsu (Tokyo, Japan)
1973 Gallery Myungdong (Seoul, Korea)
2015 Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2015, (Ulsan, Korea)
Beyond the Borders, Venue Culture Station Seoul 284 (Seoul, Korea)
2014 Korean Beauty : Two Kinds of Nature, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea)
Between the Lines : Korean Contemporary Art since 1970, Arario Gallery (Cheonan, Korea)
2013 At the Nexus of Painting and Writing, by Written Art Foundation (Germany), Seoul Calligraphy Museum (Seoul, Korea)
Writing Becomes Painting, POSCO Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)
2012-13 A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance, Tate Modern (London, England)
Thought in Korean Modernism Art, POMA Pohang Museum of Steel Art (Pohang, Korea)
2012 Dansaekhwa : Korean Monochrome Painting, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea)
Korean Painting Now, National Museum of Fine Art (Taiwan)
2011 Tell me Tell me : Australian and Korean Art 1976-2011, National Museum of contemporary Art (Korea), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney, Australia)
Qu is Full, Daegu Art Museum Opening Exhibition, Daegu Art Museum (Daegu, Korea)
2010 Quac In-sik, Lee U-Fan, Lee Kang-So, Gonggan Purple, (Heyri Art Valley, Korea)
Korean Avant-Garde Drawing 1970-2000, SOMA Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)
2008 Platform Seoul 2008, “I have Nothing to say and I am saying it”, Seoul Station Old Bldg. & Artsonje Center (Seoul, Korea)
Korean Abstract Art 1958-2008, Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)
48th October Salon, Urban Crossroad : New York-Seoul-Paris,Museum of Yugoslav (Belgrade, Serbia)
Contemporary Art of Korea-China : Oriental Visual, Museum of Joongwhasegidan (Beijing, China)
2007 Void in Korean Art, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)
Performance Art of Korea 1967-2007, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea)
Elastic Taboos within the Korean World of Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, Austria)
2005 15th Anniversary, Special Exhibition, Kumho Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)
2003 Drawing Its New Horizons, National Museum of Art Deoksugung (Seoul, Korea)
Korean-Japan Contemporary Art, Jin art Center (Seoul, Korea)
2001 Korea Contemporary Art from mid-1960s to mid-1970s A Decade of Transition and Dynamics, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea)
2000 Art Beyond Border by Timotca & Unesco, Las Vegas Art Museum (Las Vegas, U.S.A.)
Gwangju Biennale 2000, The Special Exhibition-The Facet of Korean and Japan Contemporary Art, Gwangju Municipal Museum of Art (Gwangju, Korea)
1999 Corée Fays du Matin Calms, Musée Des Arts Asiatiques (Nice, France)
1998 Les Peintres du Silence, Chateau des ducs de Wurtemberg, Musée Montbéliard (Montbeliard, France)
1997 A Point of Contact-Korean, Chinese, Japanese Contemporary Art, Daegu Art & Culture Hall (Daegu, Korea)
1996 Grafica Massima Giorgio Upiglio Gran야 Stampe Orginal, Galleria Darte (Milano, Italy)
1995 Korean Contemporary Art, China National Museum of Art (Beijing, China)
1994 The Faces of Contemporary art 40 Years, Ho Am Art Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
1993 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea, The Miyagi Museum of art, (Miyagigen, Japan)
1992 Working with Nature: Traditional Thought in Contemporary Art from Korea, Tate Gallery Liverpool (Liverpool, England)
Flow from the Far East-Recent Korean Art Scene, Barbican Centre Concourse Gallery (London, England)
Encounters with Diversity, The 1992 International Studio Artists Exhibition, P.S.1 Museum (New York, New York)
1991 Contemporary Korean Painting, National Museum of Modern Art (Zagreb, Ljubjana, Cankarjev Dom, Collegium Artisticum, Yugoslavia)
Triangle Artists Workshop 1991, 10th Anniversary, Bennington College Usdan gallery (Bennington, Vermont, U.S.A.)
1990 Autumn Muramatsu, Muramatsu Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
1984 Human Documents 84/85, Tokyo Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
Korean Contemporary art, Taipei Metropolitan Museum of art (Taipei, Taiwan)
1983 Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition “The Latter half of the 70’s An Aspect”, Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Museum & The Museum of Modern Art, Tojiki & The National Museum of International Art, Osaka & The Museum og Modern Art, Hokkaido, Sapporo & The Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan)
1982 New Paper Works “Korea & Japan”, The National Museum of Contemporary art (Seoul) & Tokyo Municipal Museum of Art & Museum of Modern Art (Saitama) & Kumamoto Museum (Japan)
1981 Korean Drawing Now, The Brooklyn Museum (New York, New York)
1980 Exhibition marking the Fukuoka Art museum’s First Anniversary, Festival : Asian Art Show (Fukuoka, Japan)
1978 Korea-The Trend for the Past 20 years of Contemporary arts, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea)
Iran International Culture & Arts Festival (Teheran, Iran)
1977 The 14th Sao Paulo Biennale (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Korea Facet of Contemporary Art, Tokyo Central Museum of Art (Tokyo, Japan)
Korea Facet of Contemporary Art, National Museum of History (Taipei, Taiwan)
1976 The 1976 Biennale of Sydney “Recent International Forms in Arts, Gallery New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)
The 10th International Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Tokyo, National Museum of Modern art Tokyo & Kyoto (Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan)
1975 The 9th Biennale de Paris, Musée National d’Art Moderne (Paris, France)
1974-79 The 1st-5th Daegu Contemporary art Festival (Daegu, Korea)
1970-74 The 1st-8th Exhibition of Shincheje Group (Seoul, Korea)