Spiritual Garden Awakening

Skipwiths is pleased to present a new online solo show ‘Spiritual Garden Awakening’ by contemporary South Korean artist Hyojin Park, bringing together 10 new works created during the period of pandemic. Park has obsessively explored the turmoil of our inner being which is in direct juxtaposition with our collective perception of perfection. This exhibition is an extension of Park’s acclaimed Spiritual Garden series.

The current pandemic and government-imposed constraints on movements has locked vast swathes of the global population indoors. During this time many of us have had cause for deep introspection. Park asks us to consider our mechanism of swinging between internal calmness and chaos; she challenges us to think about whether the digression between our inward and outward perceptions will narrow, or widen, as a result of new hardships and behavioural shifts being asked of us. Park created ‘Salvation’ as an expression of gratitude and appreciation of friendships and her life the UK. Part of profits from the sale of the Salvation edition will be donated to the NHS and local food banks.

Born in South Korea (b.1974 ), Park studied sculpture at Ewha’s Woman’s University in Korea, obtained an MFA from Goldsmiths College of Art, UK and now lives and works in Seoul, Korea. Park’s process starts by creating a colourful bouquet of ludicrously perfect found objects such as artificial silk flowers, vintage or replica antique vases and statues; all symbolise ideals we have come to accept through life, poetry, religion, mythology. Park then corrupts this vision of Utopia through layers and layers of tangled, coloured resin which eventually coat and weigh down each flower, encasing and obfuscating so it can never return to a state of perfection. The sculpture is posed for a photograph, creating a still life portrait that forces each of us to confront the beauty of our never-ending, disheveled inner struggles.

Park has had solo shows at Atelier Aki, Seoul (2020), Rebecca Hossack, London (2017), Home House with Mehta Bell Projects, London (2015), Skipwiths (2015), KwanHoon Gallery, Seoul, (2007, 2004, 2003). In 2019 Park was selected by fashion designer Roland Mouret to feature an installation in his flagship store in London, as well as a special collaboration at START, London. Her work is kept in several important private and public collections. Park’s work is part of touring exhibition The Global Eye Programme 2020, highlighting top contemporary Korean artists.

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